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Getting back to this….



Well, it has been a wild journey since the last post with a few interesting employment experiences in between and a revisit to the Doctorate.  The end goal for the Doctorate is in sight!

Many thanks are to be given to the support network that prods me along, keep nutrition and reality high on the list and generally ensure I don’t lose any social skills during this time.

The goal is to submit at the end of 2017 and graduate with no debt. Then we will see what happens next……


Engaging students



When I first watched this video my reaction was more about the irony than the reality I face each day working in higher education. As a “sessional casual contract hired educator” I am not paid to do many of the points raised in this video although I want to. When I have submitted time-sheets for these hours I am politely reminded of the contract I signed which doesn’t cover these types of requirements in delivering a course: student engagement! The situation is compounded if the Professor in charge of the course is also time-starved and reluctant to engage with students because of the time required to foster that engagement. There is another side to this story that needs to be addressed!

A Vision of K-12 students today


As an Aunty and “Extra Aunty” to the children of my friends, the comments expressed in this video are on message. My young friends are often shocked if I can do something like ‘make a blog’ or ‘upload a video to YouTube’ because often they can’t and haven’t, but they will try without hesitation. It is a bit like holding your breath and jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool, which is always a lot colder as well!

I do admit that learning these new technologies is a lot more fun than first anticipated…..