How Entrepreneurs see the “unexpected”

When I taught entrepreneurship in South Korea, many of the Korean students expressed the conflicts they balance between wanting to be an authentic entrepreneur and participating in a non-entrepreneurial education system. This article from the Seattle Times highlights this point in the words of the young “treps” featured when they state “if we were in the US they would have dropped out of school and done a start-up” (without the shame of not finishing their schooling). I can imagine the stress associated with ‘doing the bare minimum to pass’ and not being the typical robot Korean student that families create.

While I was involved in the South Korean treppie community much of what I saw was window dressing for the outside world looking in, with little true entrepreneurship occurring. These guys in the Seattle Times article are different and hopefully emblematic of the new generation that can blaze a new path. They really have seen the ‘unexpected’ and I truly wish them well!¬†

And from the Kauffman Foundation – another insightful commentary on the cool way entrepreneurs do things. If only we could make education half as entrepreneurial in some way. . . . . . . .