A New Design for Education

My passion and research is in redesigning what I see as a broken system for education. My goals and ambition for my experiential course model are simple – make every student feel as if they own their learning!

There are many unique and authentic experiences in our experiential model – you get one-on-one attention from me because you are online. You write an email and I respond – you won’t always receive that attention from me in a face-to-face class or an auditorium lecture.The course is not a “one-size-fits-all” – it is not an assembly line. Instead it is a massive, intricate, continuous and complex networking experience and ALWAYS extremely interesting and creative BECAUSE it is driven by contributions from every participant as they discover their talents, ideas and passions. If the course content is not customized to suit every individual in that course, then I haven’t done my job! It is easy to customize when the student creates and curates that unlimited content through their interests and expertise! There is no spoon-feeding, exams, tests or quizzes – just contributions and collaborations! Hopefully this experience will stay with the students through-out their journey of life-long learning.

This video offers a way forward – it all comes down to technology in the palm of your hand!