Our Microfinance course and Web 2.0

When the Micro-finance course was redesigned from the online perspective first with face-to-face as the add on feature, many early enrollees were not fans of this new type of course structure or this approach to learning. As students un-enrolled, many comments received fell into the category “I didn’t sign up for an IT course – I wanted to learn about Micro-finance”. Well, we persevered together, as students learned about micro-finance AND new technology and tools for delivering their message and understanding of micro-finance! The results are spectacular and great additions to any ePortfolio they are creating as they commence their professional careers.

In early May this year McKinsey & Company published their research on what technology and tools are used in the business place and are increasing in use and adoption. I am thrilled to note that we incorporated 12 out of the 13 technology and tools in that report, based on the technology and tools the students identified in a pre-course survey.

Our MIcro-finance course is a living, breathing, experiential example of how an academic course can be designed to deliver great content and learning experiences (with the right pedagogy!) AND develop student skills that also makes their learning relevant to Main Street, where they are heading to start their careers!


Link to the interactive feature: http://www.mckinsey.com/tools/Wrappers/Wrapper.aspx?sid={D582D6EB-2CC7-45F0-8BD5-49464985E816}&pid={52FA595C-7E8B-401F-9FEF-3E4096867DBC}

It aint all sweet roses though. There are plenty of times when academia looks and sounds like this when it encounters technology: