The irony of ‘teaching and learning’ in an education system that doesn’t

Highlighting the irony and ‘obvious’, Sir Ken shares his observations on what is wrong in the education system in the USA. Much of the downside that he states applies directly to what I am living through in Australia – especially the bit at the 13:00 minutes mark about the teaching profession not being respected. (In Australia, it is possible to earn more income on unemployment benefits than as a professional educator tutoring a single course in higher education in a 14 week semester – which as a part-time/casual sessional teacher is about all some educators are hired for!). I think that some of his information is a bit off base when Sir Ken comments about the education sector in South Korea – obviously he has never taught in that system!

His example of being a parent of two children and noting how different they are, yet how both children are pushed through the exact same education system does deliver a strong metaphor! Dah! Sir Ken finishes up with his observations on why students drop out of school and education!

Early this week, this video below went viral and ‘says it all’ from the students (Jeff Bliss) perspective!  Kudos to the student for his uncomfortable but truthful rant, saying it as it is. His follow up interviews in the US national media are also absolutely on message! What you won’t know from watching his rant is Bliss’s Mum is a teacher, and he had dropped out of school for some time and then returned. It was as a drop-out, that Bliss began to appreciate the value of education. As Bliss tweeted on 10 May: jeff bliss @Real_Jeff_Bliss

“Every one I’m not standing up for my education I’m standing up for OUR education.”

Watch his rant/criticism here:

Smart class-mate for posting online!

So far, not a single word from the teacher at the desk except ‘bye’       ‘bye’           ‘bye’

FOOTNOTE: Added Sunday 12 May, here is a link to another US media piece on this story with Jeff Bliss